KBV 005

Status Out of service
Main activity Multiple activities
Operating area Arctic Ocean; Baltic Sea
Country Sweden
ICES code 77K5
NODC code 77K5
Call sign SIFD
Year built 1980
Homeport Härnosand, Sweden
Length 46.00 m
Avail. for charter No
Last update 27.07.2015

Ship schedule homepage n/a
Time position n/a

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Owner Kustbevakningen and Umea Marine Research Centre
Operator Kustbevakningen and Umea Marine Research Centre
Contact person Mikael Molin
Address Umeå Marine Research Centre
Norrbyn, SE 910-20 Hörnefors
Telephone +46 090 786 7983
Fax +46 090 786 7995
Website http://www.umf.umu.se/english/ships-and-boats/research-vessel-kbv005/
Email mikael.molin@umf.umu.se
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